This Blogger's Transformation Will Inspire You To Shed Your Beach Body Fears

Her first week was hard; her second — no better.

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5 April 2017

Video credit: YouTube/Sunny S.

Having a flat tummy doesn’t define your limits or your personality but it does bolster your confidence. It’s not just about flaunting curves but taking pride in all the hard work, sweat and resistance that went into achieving it.

Our social feeds are cluttered with complex yoga poses, fit teas, detox diets and impossibly thin waistlines that subtly remind us of our body fears. But ever so often, we come across a story that's more than just a sponsored ad.

These stories are of real pain, gnawing complexities and sheer determination. They don't inspire you to drink a herbal tea or eat a calcium tablet — they inspire you to be the greatest version of yourself and to take pride in the journey.

One such story is of Munich-based blogger, Sunny Vee. She lost body weight and found her strength through a 20-week running challenge. Her first week was hard; her second — no better. Watch her YouTube video to see what happens in the seventh week.

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