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10 Travel Bloggers Who Show A Different World On Instagram

These bloggers have something for every kind of wanderlust

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7 December 2016

Travel Bloggers

image credit: theplanetd/Instagram

2016 made us fall in love with insta-travelling. The photo-sharing app took us to places we never knew existed, all thanks to a bunch of travelling aficionados whose passion for travelling took them to some of the most unusual corners of the Earth.

Here we have rounded up the 10 best travel bloggers who offer a unique perspective to their thousands of followers. From breathtaking panoramic views to mouthwatering cuisines, these travel bloggers have something to offer for every brand of wanderlust.

1. Follow Me Couple - for those who believe in fairytale romance.

Russian photographer, Murad Osmann created a worldwide phenomenon with his stunning #followmeto pictures. He follows his better half around the world and makes us fall in love with every breathtaking picture he takes.

Follow me couple


2. Expert Vagabound - for adrenaline junkies.

If adventure travelling drives your wanderlust then Matthew Karsten's is the blogger to follow. His creative use of props and the hunger to experience nature makes him one of the most followed travel bloggers on Instagram.

Expert Vagabound

image credit: expertvagabond/Instagram

3. The Blonde Girl Abroad - for those who love to travel in style.

Ditching a successful career in finance was the best decision of Kiersten Rich's life. With her flowy blond hair, sun-kissed skin and envy-inducing wardrobe collection, she now travels the globe and makes us feel sad about our lives.

The blonde girl abroad

image credit: theblondeabroad/Instagram

4. Micheal Chris Brown - for the road less travelled.

If knowing the unusual culture of less travelled roads is your passion then Micheal Chris Brown's stunning portraits will blow your mind. A contributing photographer at publications such as National Geographic Magazine and The New York Times Magazine, his recent work explores the undiscovered territories of Havana, Cuba, and Congo.

image credit: michaelchristopherbrown/Instagram

image credit: michaelchristopherbrown/Instagram

5. Drinks In The Air - If you like your drinks with a view.

Do you like drinks? Would you like them up in the air? This account is the holy grail for those who have a penchant for tasting local drinks of the region. The account features some of the most tempting and colourful pictures from around the globe.

image credit: drinksintheair/Instagram

image credit: drinksintheair/Instagram

6. Girl Eat World - for those who live to eat.

Travel and food go hand in hand - just ask Melissa Hie, the Instagrammer whose love for food takes her to some of the most exotic locations in the world. Her stunning snaps of delicious local delicacies has amassed more than 350k followers.

image credit: girleatworld/Instagram

image credit: girleatworld/Instagram

7. The Planet D - the most stunning landscape you'll ever see.

Run by two travel devotees, Dave and Deb, this account wins the award for some of the most stunning landscape photography we've ever seen. Every picture explodes with colour and definition and you can’t help but scroll right till the end.

image credit: theplanetd/Instagram

image credit: theplanetd/Instagram

8. Baby Esmé - well, becuase she is adorable.

She may be a toddler but she has definitely travelled more than you. Baby Esmé has been a travel whirlwind since she was just 10 weeks old. She has so far visited Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and even Hong Kong - all the while adding pictures of her adorable adventures on Instagram.

image credit: travelmadmum/Instagram

image credit: travelmadmum/Instagram

9. From Where I Drone - to see how the world looks from the top view.

Wonder how the world looks from the top? Californian photographer, Dirk Dallas decided to dedicate his Instagram page to showcase some of the most stunning locations with a drone camera.

image credit: fromwhereidrone/Instagram

image credit: fromwhereidrone/Instagram

10. Daniel Kordan - for those who believe in magic.

There are a few places on earth that capture your heart and Russian photographer, Daniel Korzhonov captures these places beautifully. Every picture he uploads is straight-out-of-a-fairytale.

image credit: danielkordan/Instagram

image credit: danielkordan/Instagram

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