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She Worked 4 Jobs 110 Hours A Week To Travel The World

If this won't trigger your wanderlust then nothing else will

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10 Most Unusually Stunning Places To Say I do

Fancy a wedding inside a cave, anyone?


12 Evil Looking Buildings Fit For Super Villains

Some of these might send a shiver down your spine

The 10 Best Performing Airlines To Travel In 2017

10 Least Likely To Delay Airlines

Your safest bet to arrive right on time.

Why Portugal Is The Coolest Country To Visit In 2017

Why Portugal Is The Coolest Country To Visit In 2017

Where history co-exists with modernity

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This Luxury House Is Carved Into A Mountain

Do you fancy living like a modern day Flintstone?

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8 Hottest Celebrity Vacation Spots

Where the rich and famous unwind


You Can Now Eat Your Dinner In The Sky

Fancy a meal in the sky?

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This Mother-Daughter Duo Is Giving Us Serious Travel Goals

This will inspire you to quit your 9-5

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The Most Stunning New Year Fireworks In The World

A big night calls for big celebrations!

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11 Animals Who Have Travelled More Than You Ever Will

Get ready to be jealous of these globetrotting animals!

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11 Most Exotic Pools Around The World

For the dive of a lifetime

The Best New Luxury Hotel Of 2016

The Best (And Worst) New Luxury Hotels Of 2016

Who got it right and who got it wrong

10 Most Searched Destinations of 2016

10 Most Googled Destinations Of 2016

2016 = skyscrapers and beaches.

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7 Luxury Hotels Perfect For Christmas

These luxury hotels will get you in the festive spirit.

Travel Bloggers

10 Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

These bloggers have something for every kind of wanderlust

 Lego Backpacker

This Lego Guy Visited Dubai & The Results Are Amazing

Dubai has never looked this adorable before

Japan Is Building A Bizzare Spa Theme Park

Japan Is Building A Bizzare Spa Theme Park

The park will have bubble bath roller coasters - no joke.

5 Travel Trends That Will Rule 2017

5 Travel Trends That Will Rule 2017

How travelling is going to change in 2017

Palawan Island: Hollywood's Dream Destination

This Island Is Hollywood's Dream Destination

Officially the best island in the world.

world's longest escalator china

You Have To Check Out The World's Longest Escalator

FYI: It takes 18 minutes to complete the journey

6 Haunted Hotels You Shouldn't Visit

6 Haunted Hotels You Shouldn't Visit

Hotels where guests never left

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