Dubai's Best Dressed Of The Week (Dec 29 - Jan 5)

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4 January 2017

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Dubai's Best Dressed Of The Week (Dec 29 - Jan 5)

image credit: Tala Samman/ @myfashdiary /Instagram - photographed by @visualsbysaad/Instagram

Here's our weekly roundup of the best-dressed people in Dubai.

1. Renee Farah (@reneeff)

This outfit is a great amalgamation of girly and sporty.

Renee Farah (@reneeff)

image credit: Renee Farah (@reneeff)/Instagram

2. Tamara Al Gabbani (@TamaraAlGabbani)

Simple, yet striking.

image credit: Tamara Al Gabbani (@TamaraAlGabbani/Instagram

3. Heidi Shara (@dollinthedesert)

We love this whimsical maxi dress by Raoul Fashion.

Heidi Shara (@dollinthedesert)

image credit:Heidi Shara (@dollinthedesert)/Instagram

4. Sheida (@sheidafashionista)

Sophisticated old world charm with a contemporary twist.

Sheida (@sheidafashionista)

image credit: Sheida (@sheidafashionista)/Instagram

5. Cynthia Abou Nassar (@cynthiaabounassar)


Cynthia Abou Nassar (@cynthiaabounassar)

image credit: Cynthia Abou Nassar (@cynthiaabounassar)/Instagram

6. Tamara Jamal (@tamara.jamal)

This gorgeous emerald dress is the result of a collaboration between Tamara and renowned designer Rami Al Ali.

Tamara Jamal (@tamara.jamal)

image credit: Tamara Jamal (@tamara.jamal)/Instagram

7. Noor Odeh (@noorodeh7)

Velvet done right.

Noor Odeh (@noorodeh7)

image credit:Noor Odeh (@noorodeh7)/Instagram

8. Ola Farahat (@olafarahat)

Casual or jazzed up - trust Ola to always bring her A-game.

Ola Farahat (@olafarahat)

image credit: Ola Farahat (@olafarahat)/Instagram

9 & 10. Tala Samman (@myfashdiary) and Mahmoud Sidani (@mrmoudz)

We know you're gonna wanna know - the jeans Tala is wearing is from Missguided. You're welcome.

 Tala Samman (@myfashdiary) and Mahmoud Sidani (@mrmoudz)

image credit: Tala Samman (@myfashdiary) and Mahmoud Sidani (@mrmoudz)/Instagram

photographed by @visualsbysaad/Instagram

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