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You Will Not Believe What This Guy Did To Get The Perfect Engagement Ring

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19 March 2017

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You Will Not Believe What This Guy Did To Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Ellisha and I had been in a serious relationship for over 6 months and I’d never met anyone who I had loved so strongly. When we held hands and she smiled I felt like my world was complete. I knew that she was the one so I started thinking about asking her to marry me. Little did I know at that moment how far I would travel for the woman of my dreams.

The first thing I needed was to find the perfect engagement ring for her – something that matched our love and would symbolise my feelings for her for the rest of our lives together. I looked around Sydney, my home town, for a number of weeks and found the perfect diamond and ring design but, as with many things in Sydney, the price was really high. So I started looking online and stumbled across Dubai Rocks. On a hunch, I contacted them and asked for advice and a price for the same diamond and ring style that I had found in my native Sydney.

Dubai Rocks went through a professional, transparent and informative process that involved confirming the exact design that I wanted (with a couple of personal touches) in additional to providing easy to understand advice and guidance on diamond specifications and options. I dealt personally with the owner, Fergus, who helped me through the journey every step of the way.

When I got the quote back from Fergus I was amazed that for a better, bigger diamond, and an identical ring, the price was 50% less than what I had been offered in Sydney. My mind started racing……..was it crazy to travel from Sydney to Dubai just for an engagement ring? Was I losing my mind?

Michael and Ellisha

I decided to call my mum. I explained everything to her after which she asked all the ‘mum’ style questions – Had I researched the company? Had I found independent reviews on Dubai Rocks from previous customers? What was the payment process? Luckily for me, I had done my homework and had all the answers. Dubai Rocks had hundreds of independent reviews on their facebook page and only required a 10% deposit to move ahead with the order which was really customer friendly. The balance was to be paid once I was in Dubai and had inspected the ring. My mum, being a mum, checked everything out for herself, gave it her stamp of approval and thought that travelling to Dubai was a bit crazy but was an amazing gesture of love to get the perfect engagement ring for the girl of my dreams.

My mum then said that she wanted to come with me and that she’d help me get great value flights (she works for Qantas!). How could I refuse? With my mum on board, the plan had just doubled in craziness!

To turn the dream into reality my mum booked the flights and I paid Dubai Rocks the 10% deposit for the diamond engagement ring of Ellisha’s dreams.

After 9 days (I’d been promised 2 weeks so Dubai Rocks were ahead of schedule), Fergus said the ring was ready. He sent me stunning pictures (5 angles) of the ring as well as a video of the ring on a nice little turntable. I was amazed at the quality, design and precision – Dubai Rocks had really pulled it off. I showed my mum the ring and she was amazed – I was so happy.

So, we boarded the plane in Sydney for our 15-hour flight to Dubai. When we landed in Dubai I immediately messaged Fergus who replied promptly saying that he was available to meet at our convenience at the Dubai Rocks workshop. He also offered to deliver the ring to our hotel, the Address Dubai Marina. I wanted to collect my stunning diamond engagement ring directly so I arranged to meet with him at the Dubai Rocks HQ.

The stunning ring

Michael with his mum

The following day, after a delicious breakfast at the Address Dubai Marina, my mother and I hopped in a cab and made the short journey to the Dubai Rocks workshop. Fergus greeted us warmly, made us coffee and sat us down to show us the ring. It was like a work of art - my mum had tears in her eyes – she couldn’t believe how beautifully made the ring was in addition to how much the diamond sparkled! I was also overwhelmed and really happy that I’d travelled half-way around the world to find the perfect diamond engagement ring for the woman of my dreams.

I went back to the hotel with my mum and put the ring in the safe – admittedly I reopened the safe about 3 times before we took a short tour of Dubai – I couldn’t stop looking at it. After spending less than 36 hrs in Dubai, we left for Sydney – it all seemed a bit surreal.

We got home safely and fast forward 2 weeks it was time for me to propose. I had planned a romantic proposal for Ellisha who fortunately said yes – she was blown away by the ring which was beyond her wildest dreams. She couldn’t stop looking at it and loved everything about it.

Looking back I can’t believe that I travelled from Sydney to Dubai for an engagement ring, but I’m 100% happy that I did. Travelling all that way, with my mum, to get something extra special for the woman I love, was an experience and a journey I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have done it without my mum and the Dubai Rocks team.

Ellisha and Michael

The beautiful ring on Ellisha's hand

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