The Best Hair & Makeup Spotted In Dubai

The Best Hair & Makeup Spotted In Dubai

Your hair and makeup inspiration for the weekend!

Get Rid Of Split Ends WITHOUT Trimming Your Hair

This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Split Ends WITHOUT...

Lose the split ends, not the length of your hair!

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

How To Use Layering To Make Your Makeup Last All...

The layering technique will change your makeup game.

image credit: pinterest

Here’s How To Get A Royal Skin Glow — Using...

Chocolate and some more chocolate

jlo diet and exercise

How JLo Makes 47 Look Like 27

No, she does not drink from a fountain of youth.

image credit: pinterest

10 Crazy Celebrity Diets That You Probably...

Some of these are plain unhealthy

celebrity eyebrow before and after

10 Celebrity Eyebrow Transformations That Will...

From #EyebrowsSoWeak to #EyebrowsOnFleek

extreme weight loss 2017

This Girl Lost 183 Pounds Because She Couldn...

For Carly, an ankle fracture was a blessing in disguise.

image credit: iskra/Instagram

These 11 Photos Prove There Is No Such Thing As A...

Every BODY is perfect in its imperfections

Why Should Never Share Your Makeup

Why You Should Never Share Or Use Someone's...

Even if it makes you unpopular - Don't.

image credit:kimksnapchats/Instagram

Kim Kardashian's Latest Nail Trend Is...

Please let this not become a trend.

Insta brows should be illegal!

Can We Please Put An End To 'Instagram Brows...

Insta brows should be illegal

 Reason Behind Chapped Lips

The Surprising Reason Behind Chapped Lips

We did not see this coming.

nina dobrev short hair 2017

Watch Nina Dobrev Get A REALLY Short Haircut

Quite the hair transformation!

image credit: fem_coiffeur/Instagram

Blorange — The Hair Colour You Need In 2017

Your memo for the hottest hair trend

Top 10 Beauty Products Under AED 50

Top 10 Beauty Products Under AED 50

The best of drugstore beauty!

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