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Most Iconic Oscars Dresses Of All Time

10 Most Iconic Oscar Dresses Of All Time

Unforgettable looks from the biggest night in the movies!

bollywood copies hollywood dresses

8 Times Bollywood Divas Copied Outfits From Hollywood...

But the question is ...who wore it better?

hijabi trendsetters

5 Hijabi Fashionistas You Must Follow!

These women are taking Instagram by storm

Beauty Updates

How Eating Pizza Affects Your Skin

How Eating Pizza Affects Your Skin

What your favourite junk food is doing to your skin.

Thigh Makeup Is Now A Thing

Thigh Makeup Is Now A Thing

Cause makeup on your face is sooo 2016

best high end makeup products

5 High End Products Worth The Money

If you are looking to spoil yourself, look no further!

5 Makeup Trends That Shouldn’t Make it to 2017

5 Makeup Trends That Need To Die

Insta-makeup is to blame!

best long lasting lipstick 2016

5 Most Long Lasting Lipsticks EVER!

You will never need to touch up


image credit: mariekondo/Instagram

How The World's Most Organised Woman Folds...

This is going to change the way you fold your clothes forever!

8 Awesome Tips To Upgrade Your Walk-in Closet

8 Awesome Tips To Upgrade Your Walk-in Closet

Cause we all deserve a slice of luxury

image credit:

Inside Gwen Stefani's $35 Million Mansion...

Wait till you see her closet!


5 Exotic Romantic Getaways To Fit Every Budget

5 Exotic Valentine's Day Getaways For Every Budget

Cause nothing spells love better than beaches.

Why You Should Visit Canada In 2017

Here's Why You Should Visit Canada In 2017

Canada is at its best these days

Palawan Island: Hollywood's Dream Destination

This Island Is Hollywood's Dream Destination

Officially the best island in the world.

Inside 5 Luxury Hotels That Used to Be Prisons

5 Luxury Hotels That Used to Be Prisons

You would definitely want to break in


what to do with wedding gown after wedding

10 Ways To Reuse Your Bridal Gown After Your Wedding

Don't let your wedding dress go to waste

Celebrity Wedding Gown Inspirations

10 Red Carpet Wedding Gown Inspirations

Let the style stars show you how it's done

Style Videos

image credit: factnomenal/YouTube

19 Amazing Hotel Rooms You Won't Believe Exist

Fancy a hotel room made entirely of ice?

Korean Beauty Products

Weird Korean Beauty Products Tested

Are they worth the hype?

image credit: Reddit/doulikecookies

What's Inside Your Beauty Blender?

Dirt, bugs, makeup - it could be anything.

image credit: TheTalko/YouTube

The Biggest Online Shopping Fails Internet Has Ever...

It’s a shopaholic’s worst nightmare

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